Study program: Biology

Studies degree: Bachelor
Duration: 3 years
ECTS: 180
Location: Arad, 86 L. Rebreanu St
Teaching language: Romanian
Field of studies: Biology

In the context of the development of the sciences of life, as field of studies, Biology has acquired an undisputable size, the performed investigations being both descriptive and applicative.

The study program aims to facilitate the acquisition of methods, skills and capacities which allow the graduates to become professionals in Biology, and, in the same time to cover for the need for teaching staff in secondary and academic education, for experts in the specialized laboratories and research sectors in the theoretical and applicative biology.

The general objective of the study program consist in training highly qualified human resources in the field of biology by knowing the bodies structurally and functionally, their diversity, the relations between the body and the environment, etc.


Professional skills:

  • C1. Operating with notions, concepts, lawfulness, and field-specific principles;
  • C2. Investigating the molecular and cellular basis for organization and functioning of the living matter;
  • C3. Use of models and algorithms for the knowledge of the living world;
  • C4. Exploring the biological systems;
  • C5. Inter/ trans-disciplinary integration of the field-specific knowledge;

Transversal skills:

  • CT1. Responsible and efficient performance of the attached tasks for the positions in this field in compliance with the principles of professional ethics.
  • CT2. Identifying the role in a team and taking over the appropriate responsibilities for the professional and personal profile.
  • CT3. Development of the critical-constructive thinking capacities on the own level of professional training in relation with the profession standards.